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January 18th, 2017; Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, 3500 spectators

Best players: Glushenkov, Boitsov


Post match comments

Mikhail Galaktionov, Head coach of team Russia:

– The play was very red-hot, and the media attention also rocked the boat. It is great that players overcame the pressure, as it was the first big match experience for them. It is even greater that conceding a goal they managed to change the game balance and to win. They did what they were supposed to and made their way to the final.

– Why did you give the initiative to Saint Petersburg in the second half?

– The beginning of this half was not that bad: we took possession of the ball and started to create moments. From my point of view, we got calmer after the third goal and began to simplify the game, which I did not like. It is very important to keep the game level in such matches.

– Who can you mention in the opposing team?

– It is difficult to figure out, especially being that emotional as I am now. I’ve told already that I noticed one player in team Saint Petersburg watching the previous games.

– The winning goal was scored by Dmitrii Tsypchenko, who was not in the starting line-ups of the two previous matches. Did he prove that he deserved that by his performance?

– Yes. But I can’t help but saying that we lost an important player before the match - Aleksander Rudenko was not playing today. He is one of the leaders who has a very sharp playing style. Tsypchenko did a good job, he’s a pushing forward and he’s pressuring defenders. Of course he has a lot to work on in terms of both tactics and technique. But this is mostly a task for the club.

– Can you clarify on Rudenko’s injury? Will he play in the final match?

– We hope so. He trained yesterday, but today morning he felt a bit sick. We made an examination of his injury and waited for conclusion till the warm-up.

– Did you try to set your boys from Saint Petersburg up to play against their fellows from their clubs?

– On the contrary, we tried to put cold water on them, as they are not very experienced in that way. Before the game the boys browsed the internet and read articles that were intended to raise interest about the match. So they entered the pitch a little bit paralyzed and forgot about our preparations. I think that the experience they gained during the Granatkin Memorial playing for the National team will help them to learn how to disengage themselves from unneeded emotions and concentrate on the play.

– How is the tournament useful with regard to the upcoming European Championship qualifiers?

– Probably everyone knows that we did not have enough time to prepare for this tournament. I was appointed as a head coach 10 days prior to the New Year. I was working with players born in 1998, and then I was asked to gather boys born in 1999 taking into account the fact that fourteen players were absent due to different reasons. So we gave a trial to boys who were not practically playing for the National team and watched them in action. However, I have questions about the tournament format: there are too many matches and players get tired.


Vladimir Kazachionok, Head coach of team St. Petersburg:

– It was an interesting match, and our opponent deserved a victory. Congratulations to team Russia! I wish you to win the final match – to do the thing that we failed to do in the previous year. I guess that all the National team reserves born in 1999 were shown in the match today.

Mikhail Galaktionov: I think that not all, because some of our boys did not have opportunities to participate in this tournament. If we could mix our squads and add some key players we could have had an outstanding team for the European Championship.

– What did your players fail to succeed today?

– I said to my boys just few moments ago that being not worse means nothing. We need to be better. You saw that they could play, but if some pressure arises, they lose their skills. If they want to grow up to be good football players, they should be capable of coping with that.






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