Published: Tuesday, 17 January 2017 10:37



Match for the positions: 9-12

January 17th, 2017; Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, 300 spectators

Best players: Lapun, Bogaciuc



Post match comments

Raman Kirenkin, Head coach of team Belarus:

– It was our fifth game, and I have to say that the previous four had certainly left a mark physically and psychologically. It was even more difficult for us because we had suffered losses before. I am thankful to the players that today they were aiming at a win only. Moldova is a strong and well-organized team, but despite this, I think we got a deserved victory. We failed in the beginning of the Granatkin Memorial, but as the tournament was progressing we managed to form necessary conditions.

– You said you had failed in the beginning of the tournament. Does this mean that your team standings could have been better?

– At this stage we’re having what we earned. Everything is consistent, and this is a lesson for the future. We underestimated our opponents in some cases or had our self-esteem set too high in others. We’ve started to get better understanding of our mistakes gradually. It’s an ongoing process. Everything will be alright in case the players have the right attitude. Each one of them has perspectives for a good future. But they need to work hard, even if there’s no strength left. You saw how they were running today. There’s a psychological aspect as well – when you win, everything’s going right and you can run well. But if you lose, your self-esteem goes down, and you can’t do things right. Young players tend to be unstable. They lack class.

– Can you give an explanation to the fact that you had an advantage today?

– I think, if team A gives space to team B – no matter it’s Brazil or any other team – then team B can get an advantage in case it uses this space. Maybe we were better in some aspects than our opponent. We had everything working properly today – mutual assistance, the state of mind, thinking.


Oleg Fistican, Head coach of team Moldova:

– We looked tired today as we spent a lot of energy during the last game. We did not have enough time to recover. Our opponent had more time between matches. We tried to rotate the players today, but we failed to achieve a positive result.

– After the match everyone went to the dressing room, but you stayed and had quite a long conversation with your number 7. What was it about?

– I simply asked him if his leg really hurt. As you might have seen, we conceded the fourth goal from his zone. After a clash he got up and continued playing. But it was too late. In my view, you can stop playing only when you’re being brought out of the pitch with the help of doctors. So we had a conversation about this. I explained him that if one feels he cannot play he asks for a substitution.

– You changed half of your line-up in the half-time. Can you compare the two halves?

– We had our reserves playing in the first half, those who did not have enough on-pitch time. You could see that yourselves. They failed to create a single decent attack. We started the second half with players who had spent a lot of energy in the previous match against Lithuania. I think we leveled up the game, but nevertheless we conceded another two goals. We were tired in some moments, were losing concentration in others.

– Some experts think that players – especially young ones – need to be given more freedom. You’re managing the team non-stop. Which approach is better?

– I was mostly silent today. Seriously speaking I am trying to keep them alert all the time. Yes, I am managing in a way. But I am not telling them to turn left or right. I am controlling the tactics and telling them when to start an attack, for instance. It’s them who make decisions. By the way, they started to play better in the second half. We are learning at this stage. But the functional stance of players influences a lot. Even if you want to manage, it’s impossible to get your thought understood if a player is fatigued and does not want to listen.





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