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January 16th, 2017; Saint Petersburg, St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex, 1000 spectators

Penalty shoot-out: Sluka (1:0), Boitsov (1:1), Bedats (1:1 – goalkeeper), Levin (1:1 – goalkeeper), Vician (1:1 – goalpost), Sinyak (2:1), Rymarenko (2:2), Guseinov (2:2 – goalkeeper), Spiriak (2:2 – goalkeeper), Kazakov (2:3)

Best players: Fedosov, Filinsky


Post match comments

Vladimir Kazachionok, Head coach of team St. Petersburg:

– The game was very interesting and typical for young players: lots of mistakes and inaccuracies – that’s where temper overcame skills. The plot was very engaging, so I think it pleased the supporters.  We dominated in the first half, but for some strange reason we ceased to do the same in the second half and started to create moments only after we conceded a goal. That is another peculiarity of the youth football – when the opposing pressure occurs, players tend to lose many of their good qualities.

– How did you choose players for penalties?

– We just picked confident boys who were eager to shoot. It took me by surprise that there were not many of them.

– The Slovaks made two substitutions during the half-time and refreshed the play. Why did not you make any by the 77th minute of the match?

– We were hoping that the boys would get themselves together. But, once again, it’s all about psychology. One inaccurate pass provoked the next.

– During the previous press-conference you said that team Saint Petersburg is too friendly and lets its opponents do what they want to. Did the situation change today?

– No, not really. We’re too hospitable. Moreover, my players are not very artistic: they can’t fall and scream. Surely they did not take after their coach.

– You have been playing against Slovakia for years. Can you compare generations and teams?

– Each generation differs a lot. There is no succession and there can’t be. Every football player is very individual, not to say that teams consisting of players born in other years are different. Last year team from Japan surprised us, as China did some time ago. As for the teams from Saint Petersburg, the most interesting were those that consisted of players born in 1994 and 1998.

– Your team was not playing well in the second half, but after a conceded goal they ran forward and attacked, creating dangerous moments. Was that you who motivated them?

– No, it was Slovaks who narrowed our space and lessened the time we had to make decisions. We started to shake and made mistakes. After the goal their pressure lopped off and we returned the initiative again. I can say that this is the main drawback of our players, and that stops them from developing.  


Milan Malatinsky, Head coach of team Slovakia:

– Sorry for my delay, the General Council of Slovakia came to the changing room. What did he say? He said that we represent Slovakia properly, he liked our performance and promised to visit next matches. As for the game… we knew about the level of the team from Saint Petersburg, and they proved it during the first half – they played better. After the half-time we played much better, had a lot of chances to score, but unfortunately we did not use them. Penalty shoot-out is a lottery, and luck was on our opponent’s side. Congratulations to team Saint Petersburg and good luck in the semi-final.

– During the penalty shoot-out one of your players made a shot in a famous style of Antonín Panenka – a shot right in the middle of the goals. Is this his manner or just an improvisation?

– I just asked my players if they want to shoot. Nobody was forced to do this. I liked the shot made by Martin Rymarenko, that was a fancy shot (smiling).

– How will you motivate players before the next matches?

– It’s a pity we did not make it to the semi-final, but we will prepare carefully for the games for places from 5 to 9 and we’ll try to show our best.

– Your team created more moments in the second half of today’s game than in the previous matches. Why did not you play like that before?

– That’s a problem for us – to score. You have seen it even during the penalty session. We’ll work on that.






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