Published: Friday, 13 January 2017 21:41

“Dry” victories after “Juicy” play

All the quarter-final pairs of the XXIX Granatkin Memorial were formed in the evening of Friday the 13th (what a match!). Greece and Latvia, Russia and Bulgaria, Kazakhstan and Slovenia, St. Petersburg and Slovakia will be fighting against each other for the right to play in semi-finals of the prestigious international youth football tournament this coming Sunday and Monday.

Almost all the key last matches in groups C and D turned out to be decisive, and the competing teams spent a lot of energy and emotions playing on the emerald grass of the Saint Petersburg Concert and Sports Complex.

It was Iran only that had no problems scoring goal after goal against Moldova that has been unsuccessful on the tournament to this date. 5:0 (and a hat-trick by Delfi) is a bright result. But even with such a favorable score and great 7:3 goal difference Iran did not secure a place in quarter-finals for themselves as their destiny continued to depend on the match between St. Petersburg and Moldova (St. Petersburg had the first place guaranteed in group D). The Slovenians, the last year tournament winners, (brought here by the same coach Igor Benedejčič) scored a fast goal and then – although not without problems – managed not only to keep the necessary win, but also to make it stronger by scoring two more goals – 3:0 on the scoreboard!

St. Petersburg – Slovenia match followed the trend set in two other Friday’s matches in Group C where only one team was scoring.  These goals helped the winners get into quarter-finals. Kazakhstan got a “dry” win against Lithuania – 2:0, and Slovakia scored the only and so needed late goal against Azerbaijan. But despite such “dry” final scores these matches were very “juicy” for the fans. And the goal scored by Seidakhmet from Kazakhstan with a powerful and accurate shot from outside the box has become a true “jewel” of the day!

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